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Separate Adventure Dives

Dive deeper and dive also during the night

The Deep Dive and the Night Dive are prerequisites if you don't have the specific certifications, and like to dive deeper than 18m or explore the ocean at night. The Deep Dive, the Night Dive and 3 other Separate Adventure Dives can also be joined as part of the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Deep Dive

During our liveaboard dive tours we will ask you to join a Deep Dive, as we will visit dive sites which are beyond 18m.

If you currently have a certification equal to the PADI Open Water dive certifications -or if you will join an Open Water course during our tour, we will ask you to join the Deep Dive. Richelieu Rock, Western Rocky, Black Rock, just naming a few of our regulary visited dive sites where having a Deep Dive Certification is a must!

Night Dive

Introduce yourself to the whole new cast of critters that comes out after the sun goes down. See your favorite dive sites from a whole new perspective at night. Time to explore the ocean after sunset and if you do not have Night Diver certificate already!

Duration & nr of dives 1 dive
Available at Only in combination with a day trip (no night dives) or liveaboard dive tour
Price per Adventure Dive
1.500 THB

Let's go diving!